Bruce Campbell ROCKS! As does Army of Darkness...will be checkin' this deal out.

Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean edition

Ah, finally, we have time for a spirit argument. After coming to the conclusion that Mr. Bean is fantastic and that we should find a deal for the snow, the debate began. In one corner, Pulfer was arguing about the complete edition, while I argued for this edition. After all, this cheap edition includes a 40 minute documentary about the show, as well as 2 never-been-seen skits and 2 sketches. While he argued that if we drop $50 more dollars we can get the whole TV series, the special features, the two movies and the animated series.

Compelling! He almost won and I was reaching for my credit card, but then I went 'meh' and decided this was a good deal.

It's Mr. Bean! It's the car, the skits, the lack of dialogue and the facial expressions of Rowan Atkinson. It was remembering this beautiful show from childhood. The early Saturday mornings, when between Power Rangers and Transformers, I watched this. Little did I realize that, in truth, the show was only 14 episodes. With so many great skits and catching it at odd times, I surely thought this show was far more than that. Wonderful memories of 'british' humor that everyone can appreciate, not priceless, but cheap enough for me! Though my mother was not happy when she realized I intended to paint the house with a firecracker, or when she signed me up for swim lessons and I hugged the diving board.

Deep Discount has it on sale right now: Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean edition - $11.98 w/ Free Shipping

Beyond Sherwood Forest

Did you know there are legends King John of England was a werewolf? It seems the fictional arch-foe of Robin Hood was so unpopular in real life rumors amassed of howling heard around the deceased monarch's grave.

Of course, this has almost nothing to do with this movie, save that this flick involves Robin Hood fighting a were-dragon. Well, at least the filmmakers were somewhat accurate with the were-something. Kinda. Sorta.

The always-capable B-actor Julian Sands (Warlock) plays the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, who extorts a cursed woman (Ginger Snap's Katherine Isabelle) to change into a dragon every fortnight And of course his bidding involves taking care of that pesky Robin Hood (Sanctuary's Robin Dunne) and his main squeeze Maid Marian (Smallville's Erica Durance).

From here, the story grows more faces than a hydra and takes on all sorts of direction, simultaneously trying to explain the story of Robin Hood, the cursed woman's plights, the realms of faerie, and even wormholes. Maybe this was intended as a backdoor pilot for SyFy channel, but the architect of this Made-for-TV rack shack may have done better going through the front door. The movie falls in the age-old B-movie category of trying to do too much with too little time and too little money - but bringing Robin Hood to the fantasy side of the Sherwod Forest does give this flick an honorable mention for trying something original.

Wal-Mart has it on sale right now: Beyond Sherwood Forest - $9 w/ Free Site-to-Store

Bubba Ho-Tep: Collector's Edition

Bruce Campbell is Elvis. No one else is more Elvis. Not even Elvis is more Elvis than Bruce Campbell as Elvis. In truth, we had good word from a guy down the street, whom we don't know, that Elvis was a Bruce Campbell impersonator. So, there you go.

Elvis Presley, while in the military, never fought a mummy and he never did it with the support of John F. Kennedy as played by the legendary Ossie Davis. Truly, this is the definitive biography of his life. No wonder it is unauthorized.

Years after switching places with an Elvis impersonator, we find Elvis in a nursing home unable to reconnect with his original identity. While dealing with his own personal crisis and longing for his old life, he must also deal with a mummy wandering the halls that just happens to suck the life out of anyone it crosses.

The only person who knows what is going on happens to be JFK. Why is JFK there? He was accidentally misplaced by the CIA. Oh and he's been dyed black.

Banding together, they decide to take on this nefarious enemy, and so begins an epic clash of King, President and Pharaoh over control of the nursing home halls.

Honestly, if you've been reading this far, and you need more than that statement above, how dare you. How dare you make us tempt you with DVD extras, which include: Deleted scenes, a making of featurette, makeup and costumes featurette, music video and 12-page scrapbook with personal comments by Bruce Campbell.

Amazon has it from select sellers: Bubba Ho-Tep from $4.24 w/ $2.98 Shipping


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