With temperatures dropping, leaves changing colors and the baseball playoffs starting up, the Christmas shopping season is surely soon to follow, and there is an army of bands, singers, and rappers lining up in the hopes you will spend some of your shopping money on them.

While Paramore, Kiss, and Madonna have already dropped new CDs, there are still quite a few looming on the horizon.

Bob Dylan - Christmas in the Heart Release Date: 10/13 - Dylan leaves his mark on classic Christmas standards. While new ground won't be broken, it will be different than the usual Bing Crosby holiday fare,

Weezer - Rattitude Release Date: 10/27 - Weezer is the epitome of pop punk. We can only hope their newest record has more high energy pop songs. With a title inspired by a comment from actor Rainn Wilson, how bad could it be?

Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg Release Date: 10/27 - The first single has been described as Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath. That's not a bad thing.

Eminem - Relapse 2 Release Date: November - The venerable rapper had enough material left from his first Relapse that he was able to release the sequel by year's end. Don't expect much to be different this time around.

Carrie Underwood - Play On Release Date: 11/3 - This CD finds the country darling trying for a more pop sound. Will she alienate her country fans?

Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits Release Date: 11/3 - Dave Grohl and Co. offer up two new tracks alongside favorites such as "Everlong," "My Hero," and "The Pretender." The deluxe edition comes with a DVD of some of their videos. Nice!!

AC/DC - Backtracks Release Date: 11/10 - This collection of rarities and live cuts is worth mentioning because the deluxe edition comes packaged in a working guitar amp. So at $200, the price might not be too steep for those who really want to release their inner Angus. Now where did I put that old schoolboy uniform?

John Mayer - Battle Studies Release Date: 11/17 - One of the most anticipated releases of the season has the singer/songwriter/guitar virtuoso documenting almost every step of the creative process for this CD through YouTube videos and numerous tweets. Can it possibly live up to the hype?

Adam Lambert - TBD Release Date: 11/24 - American Idol has been on so long it has become an efficient music factory, pumping out new artists like a formulaic assembly line. Just show up and you are guaranteed a record deal. This runner-up releases his first collection of pop tunes.


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