I liked The Twilight Saga: New Moon. This stunned me quite a bit, because the first movie I didn’t like with a great passion. I’ve never read the books, nor do I have any intention of reading them, therefore I have nothing to weigh the movies against, but their own enjoyment value.

So, while the first movie didn’t do anything for me or my sisters whom I took with me to see it, New Moon upped the ante quite a bit. I don’t know if it was the new director, or the actors becoming comfortable in their roles, but there was quite a change. I felt drawn in to the movie and while it may be a melodrama with vampires and werewolves thrown in to it, there was quite a bit of realism to go along with it.

The movie offers quite an amazing amount of angst and it is not quite the same as typical high school teen movies. It brings out the raw emotion and how it seems that no matter what happens, how seemingly small, everything seems magnified. From the first pains of breaking up to the awkward realization that the friend you sought comfort from has fallen for you, everything is disproportionately exaggerated in a way that only a teenage heart can process.

As for the much maligned special effects of the first movie, they were easily rectified in this movie. While vampires and werewolves are horror movie staples, the transformations and fights did not go in to the gory range. It solidly illustrates the speed of the vampires and how quick their fights would be. While with the werewolves, the movie actually does a good job conveying something that a lot of movies don’t: wolves are pack-animals and hunt in packs. Most horror movies deal with one werewolf, while this one shows the pack and how they work together.

It also took the extra step of delving in to the societies that werewolves and vampires have set up. Of course the wolves are more naturalistic, humorous and down to earth, while the vampires are stoic and pretentious. But, it was still a nice touch to round out the world and the characters within it.

So, I walked out impressed and looking forward to next June when the third movie comes out.

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