My teenage daughter, Amanda, is an accomplished flute player. I mean, she’s really, really good.

Which is nice because she’s got something to occupy her as she navigates through the potential pitfalls of high school.  Her interest in band has propelled her towards a certain group of really nice, hard working kids, and for that I am grateful.

Recently, Amanda set her sights on learning to play the piccolo. For those who don’t know, the piccolo is like elfin, shrill version of the flute. Lucky me: Practice time, which I normally enjoy very much, is about to get a little less pleasant. One other girl in band plays the piccolo and the flute, and she’ll be graduating soon. My Amanda has her eye on that dual role when the position opens up. Apparently, the piccolo is a very distinctive instrument and there is room for only one player at a time.

So, being the Deal Witch mom that I am, I started hunting for a deal on the new instrument of choice. I quickly learned that the brands in my price range were woefully lacking in quality and durability. Simply put, they were crap. Amanda’s band teacher recommended a used model, and I found a used Gemeinhardt for $395. I did one final online search on the Gemeinhardt model, just to see how good a deal we were getting on the used version. Turns out, this model is $755 new. Further research turned up a listing from Taylor Music through Amazon at only $475. The product description said the piccolo was new, but I’d never heard of the merchant and that seemed like a too-good-to-be-true price.

Enter Musician’s Friend! Wow, what a great experience we had with their price match guarantee. Five minutes on the phone and I had my kid’s new instrument on the way at the best price I’d seen. I scored $280 off Musician’s Friend’s regular price of $755 with the price match, which means I paid an unheard of $475 for an intermediate level piccolo that will take her through college band.

The representative was so nice and excited for me about the great price I was getting. What an easy, painless process. He simply looked the product up on Amazon, verified it, and took my order over the phone. Kudos to Musician’s Friend for having a great price matching policy and cheerfully honoring it. Kudos to me too, since I get to be the cool mom... for the next few days at least


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