When I ask my husband what he wants for Father’s Day (or Christmas, birthday, anniversary), he’ll say “…nothing, don’t spend any money on me.” Not happening.

With so much attention paid to our kids, work, and home, it’s important to slow down and remember each other. Silly holidays like Father’s Day are a reminder to do so.

The key is to think outside the box store. Remember the person and find unique Father’s Day gifts that aren’t disposable junk.

A Print for Home or Office

Sites like Snapfish offer a variety of low price limited edition prints. Scroll through with an open mind. Look for images that speak to the past or present Dad. How about a photo reprint? They’re not just for scrapbooks, you know. Find a forgotten piece of nostalgia and blow it up. For $10 at Walgreens, you can turn an old picture of Dad and his bitchin’ Camaro into a poster for the garage.

Hone in on hobbies

Our resident griller extraordinaire is asking for cast iron grates for his grill. But if Dad is less forthcoming with his hobby wants, make some calls to buddies who share the hobby or his favorite local vendors. My brothers who share my husband’s love of cycling had cheap sources for suggestions like a camelback and a bike headlamp. A visit to FatWallet’s Best Father’s Day Deals offers deals on fishing and golf gadgets, an e-reader, and even a Wii game console (fun for the whole family – wink).


Maybe this is the year to skip herding the whole group into brunch or a cookout. Craft a “get out of the house free” card, guilt-free time (at least half a day) to golf, run, complete a project, sit on the couch. If he needs a nudge, look for concert tickets. Two tickets + cash back + Styx t-shirt = dad reliving the mullet days.

Don’t let the Sunday circular dictate your Father’s Day gift ideas. Think hard about who he is (or was). Still struggling? Post Dad’s hobbies or interests in the comments and maybe CeeCoupon readers can help.


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