Memorial Day

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many things happened and affected all aspects of life. One of them is the impact of shopping habits. If before the plague some people spent their money on pleasure, now it has changed more with the impact of the economy which also affected the shopping habits.

Now, people realize what is important to them. Shopping is no longer just a spree but rather wiser in using their money to shop for more important and basic needs. Here are 3 online stores that we recommend for you to shop at their place. These online shops don't just sell their goods but have a concern for the environment around them.


This website offers to play the games that you can download on the Play Store or iPhone. Every advertisement that you watch when they appear on the game will donate to the World Food Program spends to purchase 10 grains of rice. On the website they are informed that By playing, you are generating the money that pays for this rice. This money is used for many types of assistance - not just rice - depending on where needs are greatest. Regardless of the type of assistance, you can be sure that 100% of all funds generated on the Freerice go to the World Food Program, and 93.5% of every payment received by the World Food Program goes directly towards helping children and their families. Freerice does not earn or keep any money it raises. You can also get an online coupon code from Couponvario website to get special discounts.


This website is an artisan metal & resin creation inspired by the ocean. If you would like to get involved with marine maintenance, you can participate by buying their goods and participating in maintaining marine sustainability. There are various kinds of handicrafts made from metal and resin handcraft by Kim. Kim's design is inspired by the ocean. On his website, Kim said that Our ocean is in trouble. It makes up 71% of our Earth and is dying. Plastic, agricultural runoff, overfishing, and climate change are only some of the issues destroying habits and killing marine life. "It's my mission to help spread the message and help bring our ocean back to life," said Kim.

3. Sigma Beauty

The first time you open the website, you will get a discounted offer of up to 25% to commemorate Memorial Day. You can participate in the Sigma Beauty concern by buying their products and getting discounts. You can still look beautiful during quarantine at home while still doing something meaningful with your shopping. Happy Shopping from home.


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