For the week of June 15th, the B list Bargain Bin Crew has selected three films that span from Godzilla, Samuel L. Jackson and uniting power of power tools.

Deep Blue Sea

It is a masterpiece that lacks subtlety and grace. With plot holes so wide that even the casual observer can go 'wait a minute, I thought...' and 'Why didn't they just...' But, even so, every time it comes up on cable during a moment of mindless channel surfing, I stop and set the remote down. Why? This is a movie that comes packed with Samuel L. Jackson, a chef with a parrot and sharks that have super human intelligence and a relentless quench for vengeance.

Plus there is one scene with Samuel L. Jackson that is worth the expense of picking it up. It's a rousing speech, inspiring the survivors to take up arms and live just when they become downtrodden. But I'm not spoiling the ending of that cinematic moment. Go Youtube it, or better yet, pick it up cheap.

From Amazon, it is currently going for $2.39 with $2.98 shipping.

Destroy All Monsters/Gamera Double Pack

As a kid, you don't believe in rubber suits. You believe in Godzilla and that's what makes "Destroy All Monsters" (and to a lesser extent, "Gamera") so great - suspend disbelief and you've got a monster mash of epic proportions.

The plot of "Destroy all Monsters" is really an excuse to get all the monsters on screen together. The movie begins on "Monster Island", where all the monsters - Godzilla, Rodan, Mothera, Anguirus, you name 'em - are kept isolated from the rest of the world. Of course, this turns out to be a less-than-good idea when aliens take control of all the monsters and turn them against the major cities of the world, Independence Day style.

Basically imagine a WWE tag-team match four-hundred feet tall and with radioactive breath and you've got a good picture of what the high points of Destroy All Monsters" has.

An entirely separate movie, Gamera is about a giant turtle with rocket boasters coming out the back of his shell. Need I say more?

You can get both movies for $10.19 at Deep Discount with free shipping - a good price for not one but two great monster movies.

Late Night Double Feature - Driller and Driller Killer

Power drills are a common theme of this double feature. While we haven't seen the movies, they contain many of the things the B-List Bargain Bin looks for, including bad titles, low budgets, cheese factor and overall cheapness.

They come packaged together for the sake of sharing a common word: Driller. 'Driller Killer' is a late 70s cult movie about a troubled young man falling into psychosis, while 'Driller' is about aliens whom take control of one man and give him a power drill.

Special features on this collection seem a bit sparse with only trailers of other movies. However, it does come with a limited edition 'Driller' comic book.

2 movies and an alien themed comic book? How could we resist?! It is available from for $11.39, shipped.


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