Whether for profit, comfort, or aesthetics, home improvements will benefit a property, either on the homeowner's eyes or for the current market. However, many homeowners do not want to spend a great amount of money on improvements, either due to budget concerns and financial particularities and goals, or because they want to improve the property, but will move shortly.

In this case, home improvements should concentrate in areas where it is cost effective and profitable to improve.

Most real estate experts agree that the areas where homeowners should improve are the bathroom and the kitchen. Typically, these two rooms are the ones that are most used, and the ones where buyers make the most demands or requirements on their must-haves list.

Closet space is another area where buyers do not seem to compromise. If a home does not have storage space, most likely it is out of the list. Today's buyers are very different from buyers of past decades - they simply have more stuff and they live different lifestyles. Sometimes, old properties with small rooms and lack of space do not make this type of buyer's list.

However, home improvements in these areas do not have to be expensive. Here are a few suggestions on cost effective home improvements that are worth it.

  • In the case of small bathrooms, less is better. De-cluttering a bathroom and giving it a coat of fresh paint does miracles on aesthetic appeal. This only costs some elbow grease and a few dollars in paint supplies. Another great way to improve a bathroom is to update the fixtures or the vanity.

    Sometimes, opting for a different vanity or sink style that goes better with the space is just what the room needs. If the floor is worn and dirty - this is a must-do in the list, a dirty and broken floor will opaque any other room improvements.

    There are simple floor materials that are not expensive, but will give bathroom floors a fresh look. Good examples of these would include vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles. The latter choice is usually the slightly more expensive of the two.

  • In the kitchen area, appliances are the primary issue and one that buyers focus on when looking for a home. Changing a layout of a kitchen is expensive, as well as changing cabinets. Sometimes, a kitchen can look fresh and updated just by repainting walls or cabinets, changing the hardware to more up-to-date styles, and updating the stove and refrigerator. A dishwasher is a must for most buyers, installing one can be a great idea. Not all these changes have to be done at once. A homeowner can pick the ones that will improve the room the most, and add other changes later. However, these are all doable and inexpensive ways to improve the kitchen area.

  • Closet space is something that can be a challenge, especially in old homes where closets are small. If closets cannot be expanded for architectural, lack of space, or budget issues, the best solution is to give them a fresh coat of paint, change any old doors, and install a closet system that will delineate a better configuration of space inside the closet. This will create the illusion of more closet space.


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