Recently, my fiance and I purchased a new mattress set from Costco. Boy was I excited – a Sealy Postupedic with the plushest pillowtop I’d ever seen at only $700 for the set. What a great price and so comfy! The tricky part was getting it home since delivery wasn’t included.

When my guy attempted to squeeze the queen-sized mattress and box spring into his borrowed company van, he actually ripped the mattress. I was almost in tears. $700 is a pretty big expense for us. Plus, we didn’t even get the shiny new set out of the parking lot and it was already damaged. I was bummed, and he was kind of in the doghouse. Well, no "kind of" about it - he was.

Then I started thinking about all the good things I’d heard about Costco’s customer service and figured what the heck. After all, what did I have to lose? It couldn’t hurt to ask.

So I headed back into the store for the customer service desk and told the man at the counter the tragic story of the sharp van vs. the plush mattress. Without batting an eye, he got on the phone to have a new mattress set brought up for us. Within minutes, he sent a couple of guys to help get the damaged set out of the van and help load the new set – more carefully this time.

Talk about remarkable service! The torn mattress was our fault, but Costco made it right for us. While the incident was absolutely not their responsibility, they turned our negative into a positive. I feel better about the money I spend at Costco each month and don’t see myself canceling my membership anytime soon. And my guy was pleasantly surprised since they made his stay in the doghouse very short.


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