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This skincare product is one of the products included in the beauty industry. But this product gets a lot of praise from people who have used it. There is a package of skincare products that are tailored to your skin needs. Starting from an anti-microbial cleanser that is very good for acne-prone and sensitive skin, breakout, sun-damaged, dry skin, etc.

One product that is quite unique and still rare from skincare products is skincare for women who often workout or even after a workout. Even though you are not a fan of workouts, but if you do it once a week, you can use these skincare products. We will see reviews of products specifically created for women fans of this workout taken from the Freskincare website.

123FRÉ Starter Kit


There are 3 products in this starter kit.


Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Gently exfoliates and clears without stripping moisture

This nourishing facial cleanser includes natural jojoba beads and will de-stress, hydrate, and rebalance your skin, even after the toughest workout. The moisturizing argan-based formula hydrates while cleansing, effectively removing dead cells, oils, and impurities for a clear and fresh complexion.


Deep Replenishing Serum

Repairs skin damage and builds skin’s resilience

REVIVE ME combats skin damage caused by the sun, exercise, and pollution including premature aging, dryness, and collagen degeneration. It contains a potent combination of argan oil, leaf water, and argan stem cells to improve the skin's resilience and repair damage for a long-lasting glow.


Defense Facial Moisturizer

Protects against sun damage with broad-spectrum SPF30

This ultra-light formula is easy to apply, fast-absorbing, and won't leave a white cast. Specially formulated for active skin, the non-comedogenic and ophthalmologist tested facial sunscreen won't clog pores or sting eyes when you sweat. It is water-resistant for up to 90 minutes and will keep active skin safe from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays as well as extreme environmental conditions and intense workouts.

There are 751 reviews on the Freskincare site that review this starter kit product and most of them like it so that the rating gets 5 stars. Wow That is perfect. One reviewer named Stacie B said that he had a very bad skin problem. He is undergoing MMA training and lifting which causes his facial skin to breakout and deep acne. When he started trying to use Fre Skincare, he felt significant results on his skin. He saw his skin clearer, her scars are fading, her wrinkles are less prominent, and never experienced a breakout again.

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