Each December, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida films their annual Christmas Day Parade in and around the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. For approximately 3 days, crews film in and around the theme park. Volunteers are needed to standby and look happy during the taping of each segment.

Admission to the park on these special taping days is absolutely free to anyone who is pre-registered. Tapings begin about 7 am and volunteers are needed for only a few hours each day. A savvy family of 4 can spend the day at Disney for under $100!

Here are the steps to make your $100 Disney Vacation a reality:

Step 1: Reserve a "budget friendly" hotel that has a lenient cancellation policy for any day or days during the first weekend in December. (just in case Disney changes taping dates).  On hotels.com you can find great deals on hotels in the Lake Buena Vista Florida area from $30 to $60 that are within 10 miles of the main gate to the Magic Kingdom.

Step 2: Begin searching for the phrase “Christmas Parade Taping” online via these Disneyphile blogs and forums.  (Usually the Christmas Taping info is announced in late October of the taping year)

Step 3: Register Online for the Christmas Taping Tickets. Disney will not publicize the registration link, you will have to find the registration link on the Disney blogs and forums. If you are not sure if the link has already been released then just ask some of the forum members.

Step 4: Arrive early with pre-packed food. Put sandwiches, drinks, and snacks in a backpack or stroller.  We usually arrive at 6:30 A.M. to get a close spot and we prefer using a baby stroller to rest the goodies in.  

Step 5: Spend a few hours in the morning smiling and standing around for the cameras and then the Rest of the day is all yours!

Let’s review the Total Cost Breakdown

Hotel that is within 10 miles of the park : $30-60

Theme Park Admission for a family of 4: FREE

Food and Drinks: Pre-packed @ $10/person: $40

Total Cost: $70 - $100


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