While surfing the web for Father's Day gift ideas last week (partly for my dad and, well, partly for myself), I literally came across nothing to buy him. Is your father one of those "hard to buy for" types?

The guy who pretty much has everything he needs... and then when he wants something, he just goes and gets it. Yeah, guys like that are the worst people to have to buy gifts.

Anyway, after scouring the web looking for inspiration and coming up empty-handed, I finally came up with a gift idea that works for a man, on holiday, that isn't something most guys just have sitting around the house - cigars!

Sure, there are some aficionados out there who always have a stacked humidor of stogies ready to spark at any time. For most guys, however, cigars are something to light up on a special occasion.

Once I decided cigars were the go-to gift this year, the search was on to find the best packages at the best prices. After deciding on cigars, I hit the pavement since there are several tobacco shops in my local area. Even as a relative amateur at shopping for cigars, I still found myself unimpressed by the pricing and packaging of cigars at the local retailers.

When I returned from my journey, I hit the web and, YAHTZEE! I realized I had stumbled across the place to buy cigars... online.

Why buy cigars online?

1. Tons of different buying methods.

2. Lower prices.

3. Greater selection.

Since it was the internet, I fully expected the pricing to be lower and the selection to be higher. Such is often the case online. What I didn't anticipate, however, were the different purchasing methods of how I could go about buying cigars on the internet.

Below, I've outlined the three different ways I uncovered for online cigar shopping on my search for this year's Father's Day gift. Maybe you'll learn about a new method; maybe you won't. But I thought the concept behind these websites would be interesting to cigar shoppers if they've never heard of them.

Tobacco-Specific Online Retailers

The largest selection of cigars online definitely comes from the niche tobacco retailers. Not only do these sites carry a great selection, but they also frequently have important information for the novice shopper like reviews, ratings, and helpful starter guides. Most US retailers offer free ground shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount, and sites like these often have great specials on sampler packs and special deals for bulk purchases.

Cigar Auction Sites

Sites like this are perfect for eBay addicts who can't find the right deal on the world's largest auction. There are a couple cigar auction sites that offer bid based purchases. In comparison to buying via online auction on sites like eBay, purchasing on a niche auction site carries less competition, which can lead to better deals. Plus, there is expertise behind the creation of the packages. You're not buying a collection of stories from some dude who stored them in a plastic bag till he decided he didn't want to smoke them and put them on the internet.

Deal Of The Day Sites

Think of sites like these as the Woot! of the cigar world. Instead of being focused on providing tons of reviews and ratings on cigars, these sites provide closeout deals on select cigar boxes and samplers for a limited time period. Once the time expires on that deal, it's over... and another deal is presented. These sites often require faster action than auction sites, because the deals are frequently on closeout inventory and the customer has no idea how much inventory of the product is available. Cigar deal of the day websites like Cigar Monster probably provide the best deals out of all three sites, but to take advantage of them, you have to be ready to act fast!

If you are going to buy cigars for Father's Day, good luck with your shopping! Hopefully the next time you try to get your hands on a box of quality stogies for a summer celebration, this list of recommended websites can help you make the party special while also keeping your wallet fat.


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