Most books in the Amazon Kindle bookstore cost around $10, but some have been priced at higher amounts by their publishers. Most people think this is unfair as downloading the books means that the seller doesn’t have to pay the cost of actually printing the book and getting it into a physical shop.

There is also the argument that because these eBooks can only be used on the Kindle, they are much more restricted than an ordinary book and therefore should be even cheaper. Even at $10, this can still seem very expensive, so we’ve picked out a few ways that you can get some lovely free books for your Amazon Kindle.

Download them from Amazon - Yes, the Amazon bookstore for Kindle actually has free books! The way to find them is to go onto the Amazon bookstore as you would to buy regular eBooks, choose the Kindle Book category you’re interested (be it Romance or Science Fiction) and then look up to the right-hand corner of the page where it says “Sort by.” Here you can choose “Price: Low to High” on the drop-down menu and low and behold many books will pop up to download at $0.00 straight to your device. This is by far the easiest way of doing it, but the range of books available is limited.

Converting from Google Books to Kindle - Unlike the Sony Readers, Kindle, unfortunately, doesn’t support directly reading from Google Books, which is a big downside to it. However, it is possible to convert Google Books so that they can be read on your Kindle. A good piece of software for this is called Calibre.

Download from Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg hosts a large number of books (at the time of writing it was over 32,000, but growing daily) whose copyrights have expired and are therefore free to download and use as you wish. However, these laws only apply to residents of the United States, so in other countries, you should check if it is legal for you to use this service. Download them in MobiPocket format to make sure they’ll work with your Kindle.

Download from Free Kindle Books Websites - There are plenty of websites on the internet that will have a range of eBooks that can be downloaded and put on your Kindle. Some of the websites specialize in certain genre's of books so if you’re after something specific, hunt around and see what you can find.

Free AudioBooks from - If you prefer to listen to your books rather than read them, you can get them from who produce almost 100 books each month and have already built up a huge bank of classic books that are available for you to download and transfer direct to your Kindle.

So there you go, you don’t need to pay $10 each time for quality books for your Kindle, you don’t even need to pay a couple of dollars – you can find literally millions of books costing you absolutely nothing on the internet.


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