The amount of news that spreads through social media and communication platforms such as Whatsapp makes this platform which is a subsidiary of Facebook launching the latest features to track the truth of news that is transmitted through media chat on Whatsapp.

Message Truth Search Feature

WhatsApp released a new feature that will allow users to check the truth of messages forwarded by other users. The independent facts check feature will appear in the form of a magnifying glass next to the viral message that the user receives.

By tapping the magnifying glass icon, WhatsApp will ask the user if they want to search for messages forwarded by other users on Google.

Launching Gizmochina, a magnifying glass icon will appear next to any message that has been forwarded to five or more people. The icon also aims to give its users the ability to immediately check the facts of the viral message it receives.

In an example displayed by Whatsapp, a search site showing three fact-checking sites denied a website that claimed that drinking fresh garlic water would cure Covid-19.

Lack of This Feature

Launching The Verge, WhatsApp was complicated by the end-to-end encryption feature, which prevented it from being able to see the content of every message sent to the service.

With the new search feature, WhatsApp gives users the ability to check facts for themselves, not companies to proactively scan checking messages. WhatsApp says that whatever message the user chooses to search is sent directly to their browser without WhatsApp knowing.

The search feature can only be enjoyed by iOS, Android, and Web users in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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