Everyone knows the infamous bargain bin that used to have piles of VHS movies with cheesy artwork and battered cases.

Now, we've upgraded! It's cheap plastic cases with cheesy rip-off titles of Hollywood movies. Instead of the back of a video store, they're front and center, next to the check-out lines of most stores. Still, the cheesiness lingers, ever calling for a quick rifle to the bottom of the bin.

Richard Pulfer and B. Alexander care about these bargain bins and all they offer. It is not just for a love of movies that one hand dips in and then the other follows, scrapping the bottom for a true gem. No, it is for the discovery of something unheard of or vaguely remembered.

After all, who cared enough to put these movies out on DVD in the first, with special features? Some movie, ashamed to be listed on someone's IMDB credits, was given a 16:9 ratio transfer and a gag reel! For this reason alone, it surely should be bought! But, at what price?

That is why there is the B-List Bargain Bin! Not only to be written in the third person, but to debate the merits of releases, the cost of ownership and whether that director's commentary is worth spending $7.99 on!

We plan on releasing an update every Tuesday, which includes 3 to 5 movies we've picked and an explanation of why it was selected. It must meet the criteria of price (taking into account shipping, bundling movies together for free shipping, etc), the extras or lack there of, cover art, cheesiness, if we've seen it or even heard of it, and finally back again to the price. $9.99 for a movie we kind of sort of remember from cable might not be worth it. However, a $7.79 purchase for Ringo Star in Caveman just might be.

With that in mind, see you next Tuesday!


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